Forensic Psychiatrist

Dr. Guina is a board-certified forensic psychiatrist that has performed hundreds of forensic evaluations. He is a member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law (AAPL), and the Chair of the AAPL Trauma and Stress Committee. He has had training, education and experience in forensic and occupational psychiatry. Through unique fellowships in forensic psychiatry and public psychiatry, he gained extensive knowledge about the interface between psychiatry and the law. He has also taught and supervised other staff and trainees, presented at national forensic psychiatry conferences, and published peer-reviewed manuscripts about forensic psychiatry. He has authored several book chapters, including “The Military Mental Health Disability System” in Military and Veteran Mental Health, and “Legal Issues related to Intellectual Disabilities” in Guide to Intellectual Disabilities: A Clinical Handbook. Other psychiatric expert activities include consultation, protocol and policy development, report writing for third parties, and psychiatric expert witness testimony. He has performed a variety of forensic evaluations, involving psychiatric examinations, record reviews and/or attorney consultation related to civil and criminal matters such as:

  • Disability
  • Fitness for duty
  • Workers compensation or line of duty determinations
  • Security clearance
  • Arming/use of force
  • Pilot certification
  • Medical malpractice or standard of care reviews
  • Evaluation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) claims
  • Evaluation of feigning/malingering
  • Suicide risk assessment
  • Violence risk assessment
  • Workplace risk assessment
  • Decision-making capacity/competence
  • Civil commitment
  • Competence to stand trial
  • Competence to waive Miranda rights
  • Competence to confine
  • Criminal responsibility or not guilty by reason of insanity

Dr. Guina has performed a variety of psychiatric risk assessment evaluations for potential public safety risks and/or potential risks of harm to self. These include evaluations of individuals with risk of suicide, violence, sexual offending, stalking, fire-setting, property destruction, workplace violence, and fitness for high-risk occupations (e.g., military, police, pilots, intelligence, healthcare providers, personnel working with nuclear and biological material). Dr. Guina previously worked at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry, performing court-ordered evaluations, risk assessments, and providing clinical care for civilly committed patients, insanity acquittees, and criminal defendants who have been adjudicated incompetent to stand trial at Michigan’s highest-security psychiatric hospital.

As a member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL), Dr. Guina adheres to the AAPL Ethical Guidelines for the Practice of Forensic Psychiatry. Expert opinions are based upon the information made available to him, in addition to his education, training, knowledge, and experience. Dr. Guina generally expects to receive all records and information that are relevant to the matter in question. However, if he becomes aware of additional information from any source after having formulated opinions and/or prepared reports, Dr. Guina reserves the right to change his opinions based upon additional information.

Dr. Guina’s forensic psychiatry fee schedule for independent medical evaluations and other expert psychiatric services is available upon request.

“Dr. Jeffrey Guina’s opinion was very thorough and based on the facts and evidence, he found Mrs. Rager legally insane. It would be highly unlikely that his opinion could have been successfully attacked at trial.” –Prosecutor James Young cited in Sanilac County News

“After careful review of the professional, scientific witnesses, the Court is persuaded by the People’s witnesses, Dr. Zmachinsky, Dr. Tremonti, and Dr. Guina, most prominently Dr. Guina. Dr. Guina’s report and testimony is supported by the greatest factual undergirding.” –Judge Joseph J. Farah, Circuit Court for the County of Genesee